Sunday, June 1, 2014

Relief, Hope, Craft and Barbecue

We had some really talented sisters who taught the South Coast Ward Relief Society sisters some wonderful  skills in mini classes.  Arianne and Hinano provided a wealth of information regarding Emergency Preparedness.  Shopping weekly and buying a little at a time is a great place to start.  Water is extremely important to have for an emergency.  They talked of what they put in their emergency bags and had handouts of lists and important emergency information.  

Sister Cross gave a beautiful lesson on finding Hope through darkness.  Jesus Christ is a big source of strength to find hope, but serving others is always a wonderful cure.
Jeannette is extremely talented at crocheting and had her own pattern to teach how to crochet wash cloths.  There were a lot of beginners eager to learn.

The evening ended with Hazelle teaching the sisters how to barbecue kebabs using an inside grill (George Foreman), but can be done on an outside grill. She gave wonderful tips such as always SOAK the wooden skewers before placing on the barbecue otherwise they burn.  She also gave a delicious recipe to marinate the beef or chicken which can be thickened into a sauce using cornstarch.   And always whisk the cornstarch into COLD water never warm. She suggested using chicken thighs because they have more flavor than chicken breasts.  

It was an enjoyable learning and eating and being with our friends.

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