Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gardening 101 and Canning Jam 101

South Coast Sisters were taught how to start a garden of growing vegetables by Sarah.  She explained the advantages of having a pesticide free garden and a simple solution to keeping the insects away by using a peppermint soap (Dr. Bronner's) diluted with water.  Just spray it on the plants and the insects won't eat them.  She also said to plant marigold flowers with your plants as another deterrant to those pests.  Sarah likes using non genetically modified plants (GMO's), to get the healthiest produce possible.  She also uses a natural and organic fertilizer for (not Miracle Grow) her vegetables.  She feels it's healthiest and safe for her family.

Above picture is raspberry jam.

Goldie demonstrated how easy it was to make strawberry jam using the canner.  She also explained how easy it is to make freezer jam.

We were given Emergency Contact Cards to fill out and a whistle as a reward and grab n' go bag to take home to fill up.
The plants we planted: tomatoes and jalapenos.
The wonderful Sarah who taught our gardening 101 class.  We learned so much!

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