Saturday, January 8, 2011

Relief Society Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas party for the Relief Society sisters. Lina Talataina came up with such a nice program. We started the evening off getting to know each other by sitting next to someone we didn't know very well and had some ice breaker questions to ask. We then had a wonderful dinner of ham and good fixings. Aferwards we heard the song "Silent Night" sung in Samoan, Tongan, Spanish and everyone sang together in English. We then had our White Elephant gift exchange. This year we wrapped up gifts of service. Some sisters received baked goods, homemade blankets and aprons, a lunch or movie date, and babysitting. No one left empty handed. After the game we ended the evening with dessert brought by those who were kind enough to bring it to the party.

Goldie, Hinano, and Vicky.

Chris Talataina played the piano for us and was our cheauffer to the party.

Brother Gregory cheauffered us and served the ham. Yvonne happily serving.

Lina Talataina, the mastermind behind the Christmas party, posing with Vicky.

Liz Miller, Dominique Ryan and Sarah Simco.

Lynelle Harmer and Isabelle Heber.

Karen Moeller shared her birthday for this event. Our new counselor to the presidency, Naite Ta'ai.

Lisa, Isabelle and Veone.

Sonia, Melody, Gloria, and Elizabeth.

Connie and Hazelle.

Ula and Loine.

Naite and Connie.

Kay, Nancy, Annette, and Linda.

Nancy with her white elephant gift. She ended up stealing Karen Moeller's special fudge.

Laura, Dominique and Sarah waiting to open a present.

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